Coppola Capture is an independent digital photography and video studio that provides services and solutions for catalogue and e-commerce clients.

Located 10 miles downtown Boston, Coppola Capture gathers the technology, energy, creativity and experience vital to producing the highest quality images and video under one roof. We excel at logistics management - including castings, location scouting and postproduction.

Each Coppola Capture team member offers a unique skillset - set building, styling, makeup, production, retouching, scouting, etc.

Gathered together, we meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


  • 1972 Angela Coppola shoots first photo with 110 Instamatic camera. Neat.
  • 1980 Angela earns scholarship to study painting and drawing.
  • 1982 Oops too static...Angela switched to photography.
  • 1986 Angela Coppola Photographer launched in the "blurbs". Awesome.
  • 1990 Moved to bigger studio in Boston.
  • 1994 Moved again to even bigger studio. Cool.
  • 2000 Coppola Studios Inc. launched.
  • 2008 Moved to even bigger studio in Newton. Wicked cool.
  • 2012 Coppola Capture launched.